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Here we have some new advances in technology in areas such as biotechnology, architecture, computers and cars that will blow your mind!

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Here you can catch up with the newest concepts about technology that you need to understand.  Watch the complete note here!

Microsoft researchers are exploring new fields to make people control devices like a microwave, Ipod or even a TV bay just touching a specific point on your hand or in your arm. The technology is just starting but they have a lot of expectations because it is very comfortable. They also talk about this example, you are running in the morning and your Ipod plays a song that you don’t like, so instead of taking out the Ipod and change the song, you can just touch a point in your arm and play another song.

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This unique toaster will make your days better by printing a Smile on your toast. The design is very pretty and elegant so it will add a high-class profile to your kitchen and a happier day every morning.

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