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Can you imagine having an implant that can think, connect to internet and send signals to your body? Here you can read more about 9 implants that will make our body more useful. You will find eye contacts that can magnify things you see, a brain remote, bionic body parts, and more.

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McDonald’s go nanotech!

The news we all have been waiting for! McDonald’s is going to apply nanotechnology on its products, but not right away, first they will start by using it on the boxes of the burgers for recycling and save some bucks. What do you think about the idea of McDonald’s burgers turning nanotech altered? Would you eat that?

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Scientists are improving medicine by applying nanotechnology in some procedures. This procedures go from  introducing nanobots to repair tissues, to hiding some signs of aging. Would you trust nanotechnology if you need a transplant, a surgery, an implant or even preventing seizures?

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What do you think about the many ways scientists would like to apply nanotechnology? Do you think its harmful or helpful for society and nature?

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The “Emmerse” system

The “Emmerse” system is made up of 3 devices: the glasses, the wristband and a little keyboard. This system will be useful in during our day because it lets the user text with friends and connect to the internet.

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